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Our Story

How It All Started 

Our team of Digital Marketing experts banded together in 2012. We started teaching others the right way to generate B2B business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn was mostly for jobs back then so the concept of using it to get business was fresh.

Our work on LinkedIn led to many great opportunities, one was to start a boutique MarTech SaaS company (we are still in business with that to this day). That allowed us to learn about what it takes to sell technology solutions. We learned about retention, churn, customer success, and what it means to get companies to adopt our platform into their organization for high customer lifetime value. This gave us deep expertise and insight on how to help HiTech and SaaS companies with their sales and marketing efforts.

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Before the world went completely crazy (COVID 2020), we found much of our success could be attributed to our top of the funnel activities (lead generation) right off of the back of LinkedIn and this served us and our clients well for many years. 

The problem began before COVID. We began to see our marketing efforts not as effective. We can remember when sending 100 messages in LinkedIn yielded 17 appointments on average and 3 sales. With numbers like that, we didn’t need to do anything else. But, then buyer behavior changed. 

Where most of the education for buyers occurred either face-to-face or over online meetings, buyers soon began taking back control. Think about buying a car or television, we research everything. Then, we go to the car lot when we have pretty much made up our mind. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commodity, information, consumer good, or business purchase, buyers do research at the time, device, and platform of their choosing. As the way buyers and sellers interacted with each other began to change, we saw the strategies that we once used successfully for us and our clients no longer work as well as they used to. We had to stop selling like it was still 1999 and engage with buyers on their terms. 

This caused us to figure out why and fix it for our clients and our business. Here’s what we found:

  • Buyers call the shots.
  • Buyers want a personalized experience where they can do research and reach out when they have made the decision to find out more about our solution. 
  • Buyers have a process they go through to determine what their problem is and how to fix it and what platform or service will do the trick. Once they have figured that out, that’s when they feel ready to talk to a sales rep about it. 
  • Technology is getting more and more advanced. If SMBs like ours and yours don’t leverage technology, such as marketing automation, in time, we won’t be able to compete. 
  • Enterprise invests heavily in marketing automation and metrics on what is working and what is not. They get rid of what isn’t working and maximize what is working. If the enterprise players are doing that, why aren’t we and our clients?
  • Getting people to talk to us from a cold outreach such as a LinkedIn message or email message is not an effective way to generate leads or pipeline. Because the lead was at the very beginning of their buyers journey, even though you may get appointments, look at how long the sales cycle is and what the closing statistics are. It’s those metrics that really matter for growing and scaling. 
We knew that if we were going to be able to compete, grow, then scale, we had to do 5 things: 
  1. Align our marketing, sales, and customer success functions under a single ‘growth’ function so that we could take care of our customers from beginning to end. 
  2. Map out our ideal customer’s buyer’s journey so we could create the information that they need to make a sound buying decision. 
  3. Create meaningful content that helps educate them throughout their buyer's journey.
  4. Implement an end-to-end revenue platform that would track all activity from when a lead enters our system and do a seamless (automated) hand-off to sales with continued tracking capability so that we can get real metrics to help fuel our growth. 
  5. Create multiple top of the funnel access points and guide our leads to the content that we believe is most relevant to them. 
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We believe that these 5 things apply to the companies we work with and so we decided to offer this to them once we perfected the system and the process. In Q3 of 2021, we decided to pull the trigger and shift our entire business to do the one thing that we believe is the biggest benefit which is to deliver an aligned sales and marketing engine as well as the leads and content that will help drive conversion.

We invite you to look around our website and access any of the content that will help you think through the best solutions for your business. We look forward to seeing how we can help you grow your business.

The LinkedSure Team

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