Aligning Sales and Marketing to Increase Revenue Success

September 17, 2021


Did you know that companies who align their sales and marketing efforts saw an average 20% increase in annual revenue? The best way for two departments to cooperate is by going back to the fundamentals of why they exist, and how they function together to produce more sales predictably month over month. This alignment needs to start from the moment the lead enters your system and begins consuming your content. After that, everything should be viewable and tracked by both sales and marketing.

However, this is easier said than done, especially if the sales and marketing teams do not work together effectively.

When marketing and sales don't work together, the gap can create an uncomfortable situation for your business. For example, Marketing will generate leads which are useless to Sales because they're unviable. While they may have opted in, the information they are getting adds little value to them for the problem they are trying to solve. While in contrast, sales oftentimes makes their own rain and hustle’s to generate activity that they can work in an effort to make sales.

The most straightforward way to generate marketing qualified then sales qualified leads is by letting your marketing automation platform nurture and qualify them down the sales funnel, so that when someone contacts you for a presentation or demo, the platform has already done 80% of the heavy lifting.

You can boost the number of leads that become clients by integrating and aligning marketing and sales. By nurturing these prospects until they are ready, you can increase revenue for your business in a relatively short period of time.

Organizations should have a consistent approach that incorporates qualification and scoring throughout your business in order to make sales and marketing work together. Sales desire qualified leads to whom they can reach out, and sell something to when there is a good fit to do so. Marketing delivers content in the form of ads or newsletters to potential clients who may be interested in what you have to offer.

However, there is no straightforward solution to solve this problem without forming some sort of coordination between the two departments. When it comes to establishing deals, they are frequently at odds with each other because their own area is covered up front by different sorts of information (i.e., adverts), which means targeting demographics/groups rather than one another.

Nurturing your prospects is all about mapping out their buyer's journey and determining what type of content the lead needs to see in order for them to learn more about your business, the solution you provide, and how it helps them until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

This can be done by tracking every interaction and all activity so you know exactly where they are in their buyer's journey so that you can make sure they get the information they need to move to the next phase of the buying process.

What if you have a lead who opted in for information and then filled out the contact us page or posted comments on one of your social channels? It would be helpful if all relevant departments had insight and visibility on what information the lead was consuming and what stage of the process they have reached. Without end to end visibility, it’s impossible to track and determine what are the next best steps and information should be provided to them to keep moving them down the buying process until they are ready to make the purchase decision.

Now imagine that same situation except your sales, marketing, and customer success teams were completely aligned and everyone could see where that lead was in the process, and could tailor their next experience to move them down their buyer’s journey.

Obviously, this second scenario is much more effective and will drive more revenue consistently over time. In order to have a growth engine, you must do more than just generate revenue, you must know your numbers and build a predictable revenue stream. No one wants to be in a position where they start over again each month or each quarter. Reach out if you’d like some info on this- always happy to share insights and use cases on this. 

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