How Sales and Marketing Alignment Results in Better Lead Nurturing and More Sales

September 17, 2021


Sales & marketing alignment contributes greatly to increased revenue. Some of the big problems with marketing and sales is that they in most organizations end up being siloed and one doesn’t really know what the other does.

We all know that marketing is meant to produce leads and nurture them so that they are at the very least marketing qualified. But what exactly does that mean?

A marketing qualified lead is someone who knows what you do, and is educated on what you do, but is not ready to purchase. They're basically still researching and performing their due diligence.

A sales qualified lead is someone who has expressed an interest in your solution, and is looking at things such as pricing, what does the onboarding look like, what happens once we purchase, or has demonstrated potential intent through different methods of communication and interaction with your company.

The bottom line is that you need a lot of marketing qualified leads because only a certain percentage turn into sales qualified leads. As a matter of fact, about 75% of marketing qualified leads never turn into a single sale. That means if you want to make 25 sales, you need 100 marketing qualified leads to do so.

Herein lies the rub: Without tracking, metrics, and visibility, you will not be able to determine whether the leads marketing generates are worthy to become sales qualified. If you are in a situation where you are generating a lot of leads but not many are converting and you don’t have the metrics to see what content they are coming into your system from, and what other information they are consuming about your company to get educated on what you do and how you help, you will never have an aligned growth engine.

Instead, it's important to be able to track and prove all of your marketing efforts and how they drive more sales. It’s the only way you will know whether you have leakage in your systems and processes, and how to plug those leaks and get them fixed.

When you look at companies that have become unicorns and grew and experienced hyper growth rates, they do it by tracking and proving all marketing and sales and customer success activities, and by unifying everything under a single growth and revenue engine and mindset. What’s been your experience? Happy to compare notes.

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