The Factors That Affect Your Revenue Growth: How to Grow Your Company’s Sales

September 24, 2021


According to a recent report put out by Bain and company, the cost of sales and marketing is rising faster than revenue growth from a percentage perspective. Half of the companies surveyed stated that their sales and marketing costs were rising faster than their revenue. 

You can't achieve significant revenue growth unless you have a well-coordinated, aligned, and tightly integrated marketing and sales strategy. Marketing influences your customers, who then buy from you as a result of what they see on social media or other platforms. Sales are directly related to how effectively this story resonates with them at each point of their customer experience, from awareness to consideration to conversion.

In today's noisy environment, one-way communication is outdated. Buyers desire personalized, two-way interactions that allow them to be engaged and re-engaged by your business based on their behavior throughout the buying process — from sales through customer success. This is how you maximize revenue conversions.

The way we communicate — and interact — with customers is evolving, and that evolution has created new opportunities for marketers to engage their buyers in every phase of the buying process. Yet many companies still struggle with two-way engagement as it relates to thought leadership (blogs) and demand generation (content marketing). Buyers are now in control of the buying process and have been for a few years. Forbes recently reported that 73 percent of B2B buyers start their purchase journey without any help from sales. This means marketers must be able to engage these new customers on their own terms at the right time in the buying process. It's not just about generating sales but a predictable, repeatable revenue engine. This only occurs when both sales and marketing align together and your system can track and measure from lead entry to sale. What makes sense from your perspective? A predictable growth engine or willy nilly sales whenever they come in? 

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