What qualifies as a marketing qualified lead?

September 17, 2021


Marketing qualified leads are more likely to convert into customers. These are people who have shown an interest in one or more products/services by learning about what you do, what problems you solve, and what solutions you provide. By the time they are satisfied that they have gotten enough information and are ready for next step discussions, this makes them prime prospects for conversion with a little effort.

MQLs can be generated by multiple different marketing methods and channels such as search engine optimization, social advertising campaigns, email marketing, adverts, and educational content. 

Your marketing qualified leads are identified by the actions and behavior they demonstrate. The more information they consume, the more they learn. This helps them to decide if your product or service is a good fit for their needs. Lead qualification is the process of getting information about a lead in order to determine its marketing readiness.

This means that you have to carefully think through and your content should really be centered around 1 single strategy: What information does my ideal customer prospect need to continue to learn more about how my product helps them and what information will move them forward in the buying process. If you do that consistently, you will ultimately have more marketing qualified leads and more of them will convert into sales qualified leads.

Marketing qualified leads are those who have seen your marketing materials (email, social media campaign) and understand what you have to offer. Because they know what you do, how you help and compared to what else is out there to solve the same type of problems you solve, they already know they want to work with you. From there, a sales conversation is easier and typically closes faster.

 If the prospect is interested and asks pertinent questions, the marketing qualified lead can also be a sales qualified lead.

Marketing campaigns that are successful will produce a steady flow of MQLs which, when the right time comes, turn into Sales qualified leads. Your marketing plan should reflect this. At each stage of the customer journey, you need to be able to continue to educate those leads so they become viable MQLs that can be turned into sales qualified.

Selling too soon or too late can affect your conversion rate. Sales funnels do not follow a straight line. A funnel is more like an arc, where leads can jump from one content to another and then gradually work their way down through interaction with the content and time they choose. You will be able to see the whole picture and help nurture your leads through the purchase process with a good system.

Tools that allow you to combine your sales and marketing efforts are critical and should be considered. This will enable you to monitor and track all your activities, and give you greater visibility. This is the best way for companies to generate qualified leads. This makes it easier for companies to reach the right people through targeted messages, automated follow-ups and targeted campaigns. A lead can communicate and demonstrate their behavior through more engagement and content consumption. Then they can seamlessly transfer to sales where sales can assist with the buying process.

Marketing can monitor the lead's progress towards sales qualification but there must still be a point when the lead is "deemed ready". Many companies mistakenly send leads to prospects once they have met the CRM prerequisite. This is a common error. This is where marketing and sales often intersect. This is the place where most of the leakage between sales and marketing occurs. What’s been your experience at the intersection between sales and marketing? 

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