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What’s the Case Study About?

PennStation's 10 year old e-commerce office supplier business started to decline as a result of increased competition, which led to an inefficient sales process that relied too heavily on outbound sales. In order to boost sales and re-engage customers, the company needed to find a new way to sell its offerings online. Learn all of the juicy details and how they were able to:

  • Remove leakage in their sales process
  • Increase purchase frequency by cross-selling to existing customers
  • Accelerate adoption and first purchase of new products
  • Re-engage former customers that had switched to other suppliers
Read on and get the juicy details including numbers and metrics on how they were able to capture an additional $1.3M per year in lost revenue.
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See an end-to-end picture of the BUYER's journey, from first interaction to conversion and beyond.

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