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Buyer Driven Marketing
What Platform We Use And Why

Something happened and a huge shift occurred. On a personal note, just to provide some context, we have been Top-of-Funnel Marketers for more than 10 years online.

We have personally coached, consulted, helped build multiple startups and have driven the marketing for all of that. The problem is that things have radically changed. Not only is it extremely competitive, but the way buyers buy has changed and for some reason, the strategies that we employ haven't yet caught up. Add to that the signal noise out there that buyers call the shots and they are in the driver's seat.

They decide what content to consume, how much education and research they need, on what device and in what channel. It quickly became apparent that in order to truly compete, you have to be able to see all your marketing and sales activity and get real metrics for it. Everything else for us, was half measures. Our company had been on a search for a single platform (we already have several strung together through Zapier and it just wasn't effective). The platform had to be able to provide end to end visibility, provide sales with visibility on what a lead was doing and how they were educating themselves and what stage of the buyers journey they were in.  We also needed to be able to see what content on our social media channels people were responding too all in a single platform that was affordable for the market we served.

While there were many platforms out there, not that many are completely integrated and none were really designed for SMBs. That's why we use the SharpSpring Platform for us and our clients. Although there are enterprise solutions out there, we needed one that was designed for SMBs. It has gotten too competitive for business as usual. Since buyers call the shots, we knew that we can't change buyer behavior, we just need to see how they are educating themselves with the content we provide, then be accessible for when they are ready to have a discussion. That's what buyers really want. We strive to give it to them. 

In order to effectively implement Buyer Driven Marketing strategies, you need a system that can track their activity and content consumption from start to finish

Connect The Dots With A Marketing And Sales Platform

Connect your email, social, and content marketing to your CRM and see the complete picture of your customers.

Track everything from leads to purchases to minimize churn for better customer experience.

Targeted Communication For Targeted Customers

Generate quality leads with targeted communication and lead nurturing that will win you more customers.

With SharpSpring's dynamic content and persona based marketing capabilities, you'll send the right message to the right customer at the right time, creating a personalized experience.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse With Campaign Tracking

Your prospects are closer to becoming customers than you think. Keep track of every step of your marketing campaigns with end-to-end tracking for total lead to prospect visibility and reporting.

No wants to be left in the dark without knowing what lead generation strategies really work. With our SharpSpring implementation, you'll never have to guess. 

We Provide an End-to-End Solution with Services Focused on Content Marketing, ICP Hypertargeting & Buyer Personas to Drive Funnels, Leads, and Sales.

No One Else Does This!!!

One of the challenges our clients face is getting into market, generating market awareness, and turning that market awareness into lead activity that can be nurtured. The problem typically lies in the follow up and trying to convert to quickly before they are ready.

Our approach is adopted from our years working with HiTech companies and positioning them as experts in their industry. This has worked extremely well and generates activity, engagement, and initial opportunity conversations.

The problem has always been in tracking and proving ROI. Not anymore. Our SharpSpring implementation includes a complete Thought Leadership marketing campaign. This way, we can gather leads, track them, and nurture them as we build out your system and the multiple funnels within it. 

You're one step away from the growth you deserve. Hop on a call to see what's possible.

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