2021 Marketing Automation SMB Report

According to Forrester, 77% of business owners saw an increase in conversions after using marketing automation software.

With increasing conversion rates as a top priority for business owners and a top barrier to success, marketing automation is a must-have in today's high-tech world to help drive revenue growth, survive and thrive.

  • Learn how you can nurture and convert buyers into customers.
  • Learn new ideas on how you can increase your sales & revenue growth.
  • Learn how you can optimize your Marketing & Sales funnels and campaigns for a higher ROI.

Want to learn how to grow your marketing efforts and see what's critical to success in today's highly-competitive tech era?

What's the report about?

In this report, close to 300 SMBs were surveyed with companies up to 500 people employed. 

They shared their insights and their perspectives on Marketing Automation, and what is needed to solve businesses greatest challenge which is repeatable, predictable sales and having visibility into what marketing campaigns actually get a real return on investment. 

This gives you a window into what other companies are doing and what they are thinking as it relates to Marketing Automation.

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