Your "Dictionary" of the latest MarTech terms and what they mean...

  • Learn about some of the frequently used and misunderstood terms when evaluating Marketing Automation.
  • Have a better understanding of the jargon used in the MarTech landscape so you can do a complete assessment.
  • Define all of the terms you should be aware of when evaluating platforms and systems.

Get the 2021 Marketing Automation Terminology Report

What's the report about?

Marketing Automation has quickly become a game changer for both enterprise and SMB businesses. Platforms that are customizable and scalable can benefit businesses of all sizes.

This report will help you learn the basics of automated marketing and sales, as well as its own jargon so that you have a solid understanding of what means what when deciding what you should do and what's best for your business. This is a great resource for any business thinking about which marketing or sales solution would work best for your business. 

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