Which One do you need?  

Should you get a CRM? What about email? You've probably heard that you need some type of marketing automation for a "funnel". All Play a CRITICAL role in the BUYER's Journey to drive sales & revenue. 
It is not a question of which one is BEST for your business, it is ALL of them. The problem has always been - how do you tie them all together so you see & can track EVERYTHING...

Generate More Leads

Today's entrepreneurs must embrace marketing automation (MA). It automates their processes and restructures them in order to measure their success. Automation can automate repetitive tasks like lead acquisition, follow-up, and pipeline management. Automation can improve ROI, customer satisfaction, as well as overall growth. You can easily see where marketing automation stacks up against email service providers (ESP) and CRMs. For generating quality leads that you can nurture then convert, marketing automation (MA) wins hands down. 




Import a CSV of leads

Identify anonymous web traffic with Visitor ID

Build complete lead profiles using dynamic form fields

Create powerful blogs and landing pages

Qualify leads based on position in sales cycle

Integrate with native or third-party forms 

Schedule email campaigns in advance

Simple CSS adoption to make your forms blend in

Automatically connect on social media

Drive Sales

Marketing automation (MA) can be a powerful tool to help sales teams close more deals if it is used properly. Your business will see higher conversion rates and more revenue by streamlining and optimizing the process for identifying, scoring and prioritizing leads. When comparing the capability of marketing automation (MA), email service providers (ESPs), or CRMs - marketing automation has much more capability and can drive in revenue when set up using a buyer driven marketing strategy. 




Score leads based on engagement and sales-readiness

Gain valuable insights on leads’ interests/attributes

Receive automatic notifications when leads are sales-ready 

Automatically segment leads based on their behaviors

Send targeted messages for one-on-one communication

See a graphical timeline of a lead’s interaction with your brand 

Personalize your email and web content automatically

CRM integrations

Easy-to-use email designer

Notification sent to sales team of a leads online activity

Increased engagement with segmented messages

Prove ROI

Marketing automation (MA) allows companies to source more marketing pipeline, increase productivity in sales and achieve higher revenue. Marketing automation users are more likely than those who don't use it to experience faster growth. Most companies will see ROI within one year of implementing buyer-driven marketing strategies with marketing automation. Marketing automation provides analytics so you can tell what strategies bring in revenue. Where you will see things like email opens with an email service providers (ESPs) and see pipeline activity with a CRM, it's impossible to prove which campaigns convert to ROI without a marketing automation platform. 




Record deals won and deals lost

Gain visibility through detailed performance analytics

Eliminate wasteful spending practices

Monitor lead activity both online and off-line

Get automatic results on ROI calculations

Open rate and click through rate tracking

Website behavior reports

Identification of contact’s position in sales process

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